1. themaninthegreenshirt:

    Charlie Parker

  3. zumic:

    The iconic Louis Armstrong was born today in 1901. Happy birthday, Satchmo. 

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  4. Idris Muhammad

    11/13/39 - 7/30/14

  5. suedetaxi:

    Music is the tonal reflection of beauty.” 
    ― Duke Ellington

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  6. electric-street:

    Charles Mingus 1954 - the greatest

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  7. themaninthegreenshirt:

    Louis Armstrong, Earl Hines and Billy Eckstine backstage, April 1950

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  8. jazzatlincolncenter:

    On July 21, 1930 Louis Armstrong recorded “Im Confessin’.”

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    Thelonious Monk


  10. apallafidunn:

    cannonball adderley: somethin’ else (blue note, 1958)

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    Album cover of the day: “Take Twelve”, Lee Morgan Quintet.

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  12. dixiefunk:

    Wes Montgomery - “Airegin”

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  13. minusbaby:

    Reflected image of jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams's hands on the keyboard during jam session in studio of LIFE photographer Gjon Mili [1943]

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  15. themaninthegreenshirt:

    Dizzy Gillespie writes a phrase of “Be-Bop” in New York, May 1, 1947

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