1. nuriddeenknight said: What's the difference between jazz and blues?

    I’m not sure howling ago you sent this, but since I have not checked my messages in so long I’ll assume it’s been awhile, and will apologize for the late response.

    Blues predates Jazz as an American art form. In fact Jazz was born from the Blues, and the Blues was born from Gospel. Gospel was the only form of musical expression allowed during slavery. The slaves sung the Gospels as a way of drawing spiritual strength under their condition. Jazz has all of these elements in it. It is a uniquely American art form created and perfected at a high level by blacks. It is rooted in the African American experience, much I the same way as blues.

    There is a difference, but it us better to view Jazz as a highly developed form of the Blues. A offspring of the Blues. Or Blues as the roots of what we know today as Jazz. In fact many would argue that Blues is at the roots of all genre of American music. I would agree.

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    J.J. Johnson

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    Charlie Parker

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    The iconic Louis Armstrong was born today in 1901. Happy birthday, Satchmo. 

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  6. Idris Muhammad

    11/13/39 - 7/30/14

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    Music is the tonal reflection of beauty.” 
    ― Duke Ellington

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    Charles Mingus 1954 - the greatest

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    Louis Armstrong, Earl Hines and Billy Eckstine backstage, April 1950

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    On July 21, 1930 Louis Armstrong recorded “Im Confessin’.”

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    Thelonious Monk


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    cannonball adderley: somethin’ else (blue note, 1958)

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    Album cover of the day: “Take Twelve”, Lee Morgan Quintet.

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    Wes Montgomery - “Airegin”

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    Reflected image of jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams's hands on the keyboard during jam session in studio of LIFE photographer Gjon Mili [1943]

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